Alfalfa 3-Strand
Alfalfa 2-Strand
Bermuda 3-Strand
Coastal 2-Strand
Round Bales
Alfalfa 3x3x8


Large Bag Shavings
Small Flake/Fine Shavings
Medium Flake Shavings
Large Flake Shavings
Pelleted Bedding
Cedar Shavings

Recleaned and Processed Grains

Whole Oats
Crimped Oats
Whole Yellow Corn
Corn Chops
Whole Milo
3 Grain Hen Scratch
Whole Wheat
Steam Flaked Barley
Sacked Flaked Corn
Alfalfa Pellets
Beet Pulp Shreds w/Molasses
Stampede Alfalfa Mini-Cubes

Horse Feed

Thrive Horse Feed
12% Bronco Horse and Cattle
14% Equine Energy Textured
14% Equine Energy Plus
16% Performance
12% Horse Pellet
14% Horse Pellet
14.5% Senior Horse Pellet
12% Bryant Hi-Fat Pellet

Cattle Feed

20% Bryant Breeder Cube
38% Cottonseed Cake
12% Creep Pellets (5/32)
14% Creep Pellets (3/8)
14% Creep Pellets (5/32)

Nutrena Horse Feed

Proforce Feeds
14% Safechoice Original
12% Safechoice Maintenance
Safechoice Perform
Safechoice Special Care
Safechoice Senior
Safechoice Mare and Foal
Empower Boost

Sheep and Goat Feed

16% Goat Pellet
16% Sheep & Goat Pellet

Poultry Feed

16% Lay Pellet
16% Lay Krumble
22% Chick-Grow-Lay
22% Chick-Grow-Lay
28% Gamebird Krumble
Oyster Shell
Gamecock Maintenance

Swine Feeds

16% Hog Grower

Mill Feeds

Wheat Bran
Rice Bran

Wildlife Feeds

17% Red Chain Deer Pellet
Red Chain Deer Block
Wild Bird Seed
Black Oil Sunflower Seed
Corn/Soybean Mix
Record Rack Blocks

Rabbit Pellets

Bryant Floating Fish Food

Salt Products

White Salt Blocks
Trace Mineral Blocks
Stock Salt
Fine Salt
Water Softener Pellets
Trace Mineral Bags
Sulfur Salt Blocks
Stall Bricks

Manna Pro Products

Calf Manna

Loose Minerals

Nutrition Plus Cattle Min
Vigortone 3V2S-IGR Min
Goat Mineral
Sheep Mineral
Horse Mineral

Mineral Blocks

Bryant Horse Mineral
Bryant 12% H.P. Block
Bryant Mag Mineral Block
Goat Builder Block
18% Sheep and Goat Block
Bovatec 2.2 Medicated 44#
37% Protein Block
Rabon Blocks
Sweetlix Bloat Blocks

Pet Food

27% Bryant Dog Food 50lb.
21% Bryant Dog Food 50lb.
Purina Dog Chow
Sportmix Premium Dog Food
Nutri Source Premium Dog Food
Taste of the Wild Dog Food
Purina Cat Chow
Purina Kit & Kaboodle
Value Cat 40lb.

Red Chain Feeds

Stocker 10
Duncan Supreme
17% Show Goat
16% Club Lamb Developer
14% Lamb Pellets
12% Hi-Fat Horse Pellet
16% Milk Ration
15% Developer Pellet
16% Nanny & Kid Goat Pellet
16% Medicated Calf Starter
14% Equine Alfalfa Plus ½” Pellet

Hudson Livestock Supplement Tubs

Advantage Stress 21%
Fly Buster Pro 12%
Equine Max 12%
Natural Goat 18%
Sheep Tub 16%
Forage Extender 12
Multi-Species 16%
77 Extra Phos w/IGR


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